Anorama is an atmospheric puzzle game prototype about exploring small environments and befriending the whimsical creatures that live there.
I worked as a concept and sole character artist on this project along with Trace Gorden (Environment Artist) Edil Ostalaza (Programmer).

Gameplay is divided into two parts: an exploration phase where you rotate, zoom and click around the diorama to locate that level's creature, who will hide from you. Once they are found, you have to find something in the environment to help it based on clues, which take the form of minimal graphics in speech bubbles.  For example, in the shown level, a cluster of carrots is growing among the grasses hidden by the rocks. Upon giving the jackabunny a carrot, it will trust you and you enter the second phase of the gameplay, where you get to closely interact with the creature by feeding, petting, etc.-- sort of like a pet simulator or Pokemon Amie.