I worked on this game with Tyler Rhodes for Ludum Dare 43 — the theme was “Sacrifices Must be Made”.
You play an egg trying to knock the other eggs out of the nest, so you can survive!
This was a 48-Hour Jam.
Music by NinjaRopes!

Play Bird Butt Battle Royale on | Hear the music on Soundcloud

Art Approach

This game employed a very different approach to pain-free 3D than I used for Meow Moves. I finished all the art for this game by mid-day saturday (day 2/3) and basically spent the rest of the time putting together the different screens.

  1. Same shader on every single model — Tyler wrote a “wiggle shader” based off the one by MinionArts, and we used an instance of it on everything in the scene.

  2. No animation needed — Nothing was rigged, everything was either “animated” in-engine by Tyler or wiggled using the wiggle shader.

  3. No UVs — I kept all the parts of the models that needed to be different colors separated and grouped by color, and simply assigned an instance of the shader to each group in Unity

  4. No UI — everything works based on button clicks, no fussy menus to hook up

  5. Strict Color Palette — assigned Day 1, so Tyler and I would be color picking from the same colors to keep things unified.

  6. Easy 3D Text with no Custom Font— used Maya’s “3D text” Tool, then imported to zbrush and used inflate/smooth tools to make the letters rounder and lumpier and all-around more in-line with the art style