Monolith is a 3rd person, fixed camera puzzle-platformer about ascension.
You play the role of a cat spirit who guides wayward spirits up a tower and into the next life.

Monolith was created for Global Game Jam 2016 in UE4 by a team of 12. I created concept art that helped establish color and style and modeled environment pieces used throughout all the levels. In addition to this, I was responsible for set dressing one of the levels (the pink one seen above).


Art: Trace Gordon, Will Chu, Valentina Hawes, Mahreen Fatima, Elliot Moshell
Tech: Ava Bernacki, Edil Ostolaza, Nick Foronda
Tech Art: Ben Esler Effects: Raed AlAmoudi
Audio: Ian Doyle, Melina Lopez
Trailer: Charlie Erholm